Greenstar® is fresh and its crunchiness, which it keeps for an unprecedentedly long time, is unparalleled. In addition, the flesh of the apple does not discolor after cutting, which makes it also extremely suitable for cooking and as a garnish for salads.


Fresh Waldorf Salad

The Greenstar® apple is a delicious seasoning in a Waldorf salad.

Green punch

The Greenstar® apple cannot be missed in this delicious green bowl. Click on the image for the recipe.

Fresh apple-mint sorbet

Are you making our fresh apple & mint sorbet today?

Cucumber salad with apple and banana

Highly recommended is our cucumber salad with banana and apple!

Cress stuffed apple salad

A Greenstar® apple filled with cress salad, that’s really tasty!

Minty apple juice

Greenstar® apple is the perfect base for this apple juice with mint. Click on the image for the recipe.